We have some gifted contributors...

Here is some of the artwork inspired by our horses...

Original Logo drawn by Bailey Miller, age 9

Bailey Miller, Ande's daughter, is an aspiring artist.

At age 9, she drew the "Happy Dancing Horse" symbolizing the relief and sanctuary our horses experience as a result of proper diet, proper veterinary care, and lots of love. Bailey's work has become the recognizable Hope In The Valley logo.

Through the years, and for various projects, Bailey's logo has taken many different forms. Below are some of them.

Business Card Logo

Jackie first created this logo for our business cards in 2008.

Social Media Logo

This logo was used on some of our social media.

Web Site Logo

You'll recognize this logo from our main web site.


Penelope Anderson did this PowerPoint presentation for a class she was taking.

Artwork done by Tylor Wagner

March 2010

Tylor Wagner was kind enough to draw this for us.

Sketch done by Brandy Rockel


Brandy Rockel sketched this timeless piece.

Logo done by Gretchen Mehl

October 2010

Gretchen Mehl designed a logo for us using Jim's image.

There are two different looks of the logo, one with a background (left) and on without a blackground (below).

Gretchen Mehl's Artwork
Drawing of Falcon by Lauren


Lauren did this stunning image of Falcon.

Drawing of Dolly by Finn


Here is a contribution from Finn. We love all of the art that is done for us! This is a drawing of Dolly.