We are 100% run by volunteers...

Your help keeps us going!

When can I help?

Check out our Volunteer Signup Calendar of Events

Volunteer Sign-Up Calendar.

Once you have been through our volunteer orientation, you are welcome to come out and help us any time*. We also need your help with putting on special fund-raising events and activities. See what events we have going on and what we need help for.

If you have never volunteered for us before, please fill out our Volunteer Application Form

If you have volunteered with us before, please contact Ann by email and let them know what specific event you are willing to help us with!

*Volunteers must be age 12 and above. Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

How can I help?

Volunteer Information.

We can use your strengths in every area from grooming to building fences to hauling big round hay bales! Yes, some of the chores are not so glamorous, but it all needs to be done! Keeping horses in a safe and sound environment takes a lot of dedicated and hard work. We feel it's worth it, and can use all the help we can get.

The first step is to have you attend one of our volunteer orientations. The orientation gives us a chance to introduce you to what we do and learn what your skills are.

*Volunteers must be age 12 and above. Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

To sign up for the next available volunteer orientation, click here, find a date that works for you, and fill out our Volunteer Application Form, which includes our waiver of liability.

Our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you in approximately 3-7 days prior to orientation, to provide you with more details on what to expect

Join one of our committees to work in-depth to promote the business side of rescue! We have the following committees: maintenance/hay, fundraising, adoption support, event planning, merchandising and volunteer support.

If you are able to help us with any of these high needs areas, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators Ann (612) 708-3281 or Shari. They will set up a mutually agreed upon time to meet and get you started!

We are excited to meet you!

Have More Questions?

Have More Questions?

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